STRICKEN (Previously Blood Born)

STRICKEN (previously known as BLOOD BORN) is a YA Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy. It tells the story of Meg Northwood, an 18 year old inhuman struggling to deal with the fact that she’s not as mortal as she thought she was – and that fact she just happens to be falling for someone even more inhuman than she.
I was recently signed with Entranced Publishing – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! – so watch this space for news!

I don't know who this photo belongs to, but it's so Meg.
I don’t know who this photo belongs to, but it’s so Meg.



11 thoughts on “STRICKEN (Previously Blood Born)

  1. I’m sooooo happy I forced you to bare your soul to the world! Instantly into the action, intensely interested in what exactly Meg has become. (Love her name by the way…it’s perfect.) I love the line “He smelled like the night.” This is going to shape up into something great, I am sure of it. Thanks for listening to me!


    1. Thanks so much for making me do this, Julie! I love her name too :D. That does seem to be a popular line! And I hope that you’re right about it becoming something great!

      Thank you for being interested!


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  3. Ooooh, you have all the elements for a great story!! Action, sexual tension, just enough info to pique the reader’s curiosity…Well done! E-mail me if you want a critique on this piece 🙂

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