So, you’ve been wondering about The Zombie Project…

I've got a secret...
I’ve got a secret…

Today’s Sountrack – Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent


(I thought I’d try that out. I don’t think I’m going to do that again.)

So, there’s been a gradually increasing buzz on Twitter. What is this strange new hash tag? What’s #thezombieproject? Are they planning world domination?

The answer, friends, is yes.

Well, kind of. But not really.

The Zombie Project is a brainchild that popped into existence following a Twitter conversation between myself, Julie Hutchings and Kat Ellis, about Rice Krispies and – yes, you guessed it – zombies.

And I thought, Duh! What a great idea for a short story project!

Only this time, I wanted the project to be different. A lot of us have taken part in short story series(es?), and I wanted The Zombie Project to be a project with a difference.

The essential idea is that one single story kicks off a chain. The first story will go live on the 30th June. Each writer involved – there are 18 of us! – has a place on a list. The writer who is scheduled to post their story the week after the first story has to read the first story, then choose an element from that story they’d like to carry over into theirs.

– They could choose to write the backstory of one of the characters.

– They could choose to simply directly continue the story.

– They could choose to use the same setting, only bring in characters who are visiting that same place a week later, or were there before. For example, say a character in the first story kicks a soda can in frustration. The next story could be about the person who dropped that soda can.

It can be anything, as long as it’s linked in some way to the previous story. Then the third person on the list reads the second story, and takes an element from that.

The idea is to create a kind of butterfly effect. The first story is a ripple in the pond, setting off another ripple, which sets off another ripple and so on.

The writers can go back and choose elements from previous stories, i.e. not the story directly preceding theirs, as long as their story does include an element from the story directly before it.

This thing will be running from the 30th of June all the way until the 27th October, and we are All. So. Excited.

If you’d like to keep track of when the stories are going up, just follow the hash tag #thezombieproject on Twitter. Every writer involved will bring something different to the table, and every one is just as amazing as the last.

Hope you’re all excited!!

Also: braiiiinssssss!



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