#TwistedChildhood: NEW Short Story Project


Given the success we had with the last short story project hosted here on chynnablueink.com (see: The Zombie Project), it’s just about time for another. Good short stories are like Doritos. You can’t stop at just one. And it’s been WAY too long since you, my lovely readers, were treated to a delicious, all-you-can-eat buffet of amazing content from published authors and querying writers alike.

What you can expect: Free content from your favourite writers? Check. Undoubtedly weird theme that’ll push the boundaries of said writers’ creativity? Double check. Discovering new authors you just luuurve, some of whom have books available to buy right now? Triple check. It wouldn’t be a #codeblue project, otherwise.

The theme: One of the worst things about growing up is losing touch with your favourite characters. So this time, we’re bringing adulthood to Neverland. I’m talking Winnie the Paralegal. Horton Hears a Homicide. It’s like reading your favourite bedtime story but with beer goggles on and instead of milk and cookies you’ve got leftover chinese food and wine. Ever wondered what would happen if The Grinch stole Guantanamo Bay? Now you don’t have to!

grow up

How to get involved: We’re still taking sign-ups, so if you want to take part, hit me up on Twitter (@chynnablueink) or send a raven.

Interested? All updates, including featured authors and new stories, will be posted on Twitter via the hashtag #TwistedChildhood. A list of the authors involved will be posted reallll soon right here on chynnablueink.com, including Twitter handles and blog links. Following them is another great way to stay updated. And trust me–you don’t wanna miss this.



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