the midnight type

We're all mad here

The time has come. The clock has struck midnight. The shadows are creeping in, wolves are howling at the moon and dead things are stirring in their graves.

This Halloween, we bring you…

The Midnight Type.

They're Here

There’s a special kind of darkness that affects the midnight type, those kinds of people who delight in the macabre, see exotic where others see ugly, know blackness as the best kind of light. The midnight type comes alive when night falls, where their daytime shine becomes a nighttime glimmer, a glinting kind of beauty with a dangerous sharpness. The midnight type know their kind. We’re all alike in that we’re not alike. And you want to see what we do next.

Yes, it will be writing-related. Yes, you will love it. We’re word weavers who walk on the edge.

Meet us, greet us, and don’t try to eat us…

Let’s kick things off…

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