I’m Going On Holiday (brought to you by Emily the Strange.)


Today’s Soundtrack – I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers by Fall Out Boy

I’m being kidnapped!

It’s kind of voluntary. I packed my own suitcase and everything. In fact, you could say I’m the best hostage there ever was.

Me and sunshine are not great friends. Heat, I can tolerate. Cold – me and Cold go way back. Sunshine, however, is my arch nemesis. That fiery ball of death burns my scalp, superglues heat to my head (because black hair absorbs heat for some crazy reason that has something to do with pigments I think but hey, are you here for a science lesson? I didn’t think so), glares at my screens and just generally turns me pink, to which I am morally opposed as pink is just Not My Colour, especially when it happens to be my own skin that it actually on me.


Rest assured that I will most likely be hiding under an umbrella, jonesing for Twitter. I won’t forget you if you don’t forget me – deal?

The reading and writing time will be Fun. The absence from all of you lovelies will not. Thankfully, Jules Hutchings has agreed to run The Zombie Project whilst I’m away, because she’s Just That Awesome.

As I’m writing this blog post Jordon has informed that the hotel WiFi is, in fact, free, and therefore I may still be around to bug the crap out of you. We’ll see.

Can’t get rid of me that easily. (;



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