Excitement is a Virtue – The Zombie Project is Here!

Today’s Soundtrack: Blurred Lines!


I am excited, guys. Excited because The Zombie Project is finally here. That thing we’ve all been waiting for? It’s happening. Tomorrow, the first story, by one Bobby Salomons, will go live. (That’s @D2Dbooks to some of you.)


I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this is going to be. But I can promise that you’ve never seen anything like it. Everyone involved is talented and will bring something unique and equally delicious to the table, which I know either through personal experience or because they came highly recommeneded.


You’re in for a treat.


To follow the project, just check out the hash tags #TheZombieProject and #ZombieProject on Twitter. And don’t forget to check in every Sunday for the next story – this thing is running until the end of October!


Be there, or die horribly.




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