Life and Things

Soundtrack – By The Way by the Red Hot Chili Peppers   I was reading my own manuscript the other day using the Kindle app on my phone and thinking about all the things I’d change were I sitting in front of a computer. Perspective is a funny thing. I never bought into the idea […]

Are you there, fan fiction? It’s me, Blue.

Today’s Soundtrack – Allie by Patrick Stump. (Here’s a thought–why don’t you listen whilst you read? I’m tryna give you a multisensory experience here, yo.) I am a fan of any kind of writing. I love words. Books, poems, TV, lyrics, blogs…literally anything that at some point in the creative process has involved someone scribbling […]

Never stop fighting time

Inevitability. Inevitability is the world’s favourite word. Getting older, growing up is inevitable. Inevitability is what gets you in the end. *Time* is inevitability. We all start out wanting to be unique, fighting the man, wanting to break through and forge our own path, but it’s the inevitability that gets you. The ‘one day I’ll […]

Happy Easter, everybody!

Today’s Soundtrack – Weightless by All Time Low Today’s the day we all sit around watching TV and eating chocolate, playing with playdough and Lego and all the other ‘o’s. If you’re a writer, like me, you’ll be trying to squeeze in some words around the mandatory egg hunt. Good luck and solidarity to you. […]

The American Apparel Controversy

Today’s Soundtrack – Annabelle by A Rocket To The Moon   Anyone who knows American Apparel knows the brand is synonymous with controversy. It seems like if there’s anything they can do to make waves, they’ll do it. One of the weirdest stunts they’ve pulled happened in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Putting pubic […]